Stone paper

The IndeX Crypto Notebook

The perfect solution for recording transactions and organizing your crypto/NFT investment portfolio.

The IndeX is included with The BoX

Back It Up Cold!

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Back It Up Cold!

Simple. Effective. Cold Storage.

Because no one has ever hacked a notebook

Store The IndeX in a fireproof case

We Thought of Everything

Crypto Notebook

Meticulously crafted for optimal performance. Simplify your crypto journey with intuitive design, robust security, and ample space to track investments, strategies, and transactions. Unlock your true potential and manage your crypto with unmatched efficiency and confidence!

The IndeX - Crypto Notebook

How it Works

Step 1: Select a colored sticker (included) and attach to your hardware wallet.

Step 2: Open The IndeX to the section that matches the sticker color you selected.
Step 3: Record the contents of the hardware wallet (i.e. seed phrase, transactions, coins, etc.)

Step 4: If you purchased The BoX (Full or 3/5ths) a set of color-coded aluminum blocks are included.

Use the blocks to help identify the color-coded hardware wallet protected inside The AleX titanium capsule.

Water & Tear Resistant

Stone Paper Notebook

The Resilient Crypto Logbook. It's water and tear-resistant design ensures your critical crypto data stays secure no matter the circumstances. Trust in this exceptional level of protection to preserve your financial future and manage your digital assets with unwavering confidence.

Perfect Crypto Companion

The Story of Stone Paper

Stone paper, also known as rock paper or mineral paper, is a revolutionary and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood-based paper. It's made from a unique blend of inorganic mineral powder (usually calcium carbonate) and a small amount of non-toxic resin. This innovative composition results in paper that is exceptionally durable, waterproof, tear-resistant, and environmentally sustainable. Stone paper production consumes significantly fewer resources, such as water and trees, and generates lower carbon emissions compared to traditional paper production. Its versatility makes it ideal for various applications, from writing and printing to packaging and labeling. As a sustainable and durable paper option, stone paper is gaining popularity for its eco-conscious and functional qualities.

Intelligent Design

Each color section starts with entries for Seed Phrase, Exchange Account, and Log-in information. Keep is locked and stored away in a fire-proof case when not in use.

Stone paper

Eco Friendly

Not one tree was cut down to build The IndeX

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