Stone Paper

The IndeX Crypto Notebook

The perfect solution for recording crypto transactions


Welcome to Palo Alto

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The IndeX is included with The BoX

Back It Up Cold!

Purchase The IndeX Separately

Back It Up Cold!

Eco Friendly

Not one tree went down to build The IndeX

Stone Paper
Water & Tear Resistant

"Anything important should be written down on stone paper."

Stickers Included

Color-code Your Crypto

Multiple Hardware Wallets Improve Security

Simple. Effective. Protection.

Because no one has ever hacked a notebook

Store The IndeX in a fireproof case

How It Works

Three Steps

Step 1: Select a colored sticker (included) and attach to your hardware wallet.

Step 2: Open The IndeX to the section that matches the sticker color you selected.
Step 3: Record the contents of the hardware wallet (i.e. seed phrase, transactions, coins, etc.)

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