Black Seed Ink's The X Series - a three-part cold storage solution for managing digital assets

Cold Storage Ecosystem

The X Series

We thought of everything, so you don't have to.

The AleX ~ The BoX ~ The IndeX

Discover Black Seed Ink's trio of top-notch cold wallet storage solutions. Choose from our hardware wallet capsule, cold storage box, and crypto notebook to fortify your crypto assets.!

Why The X Series

For serious crypto investors, security and organization are paramount, and Black Seed Ink offers an exclusive, game-changing solution. Our fireproof storage case, designed to hold up to five hardware wallets, 10+ seed phrases, a stone paper notebook, and tracking devices like AirPods, provides unparalleled peace of mind. With a TSA lock for added security and the perfect grab-and-go size in case of emergencies, it's the ultimate choice for safeguarding your digital assets. What sets us apart is the innovative color code system, allowing you to organize each wallet efficiently. This ecosystem is one-of-a-kind and available exclusively through Black Seed Ink, ensuring that your crypto investments are not only secure but also seamlessly organized for your convenience.

The AleX - $119

Cold Wallet Storage

The AleX is a beautiful beast! Cold to the touch and perfectly designed to fit Ledger Nano series of hardware wallets. Know complete security with our sweat proof, waterproof, fireproof TC4 titanium capsule. No rattle, light carry, hardware wallet storage.

First To Market

One of a Kind

Black Seed Ink has produced the only cold storage ecosystem. We are constantly pushing the envelope of cold storage to ensure the safety of the crypto community. If you would like to see a solution for your hardware wallet, contact us about future releases.

The BoX - Starting at $539

Complete Cold Storage

The BoX includes everything in The X Series cold storage ecosystem! Available in two versions: Full & 3/5th Full. The aluminum composite storage case comes with The AleX, The IndeX, up to five seed wallets, a color-coding system, and hidden compartments for placing tracking devices.
The IndeX - $39

Crypto Notebook

Water resistant and tear resistant stone paper crypto notebook.
Store seed phrases, exchange login data, and color-coded transactions. What's in your blue wallet? BTC? ETH? Retirement?