A close-up image of a steel plate with engraved alphanumeric characters. This steel plate serves as a backup for a cryptocurrency seed wallet, which is used to store digital assets securely. The engraved characters on the plate represent a unique set of words that act as a recovery phrase for the wallet. The steel plate provides a durable and tamper-proof backup solution for protecting the cryptocurrency funds.

Crypto Wallets

Backup Your Crypto Data

Discover our wide range of crypto storage solutions. Backup the seed phrase and extend your cold storage security to exchange data, master password protection, and passphrase security.

Secure Your Crypto Investments with Our Top-Rated Seed Phrase Wallet

Seed Phrase

Enhance your crypto security with Black Seed Ink's premium crypto seed wallet and etching tool. Safely store and etch your seed phrases for unmatched protection. Whether you use a Bitcoin wallet, hardware wallet, or hot wallet, our durable steel wallets ensure the highest level of security for your digital assets. Invest in the best crypto wallet today and take control of your financial future.
Safeguard Your Crypto Exchange Log-In Data

Crypto Exchange

Black Seed Ink's Crypto Exchange Wallet empowers you to securely store your exchange log-in data in cold storage, disconnected from the internet. As the first and only cold storage company to design a steel wallet specifically for exchange data, we provide unmatched security against online threats, fire, and water damage. Protect your crypto trades and ensure peace of mind by keeping your critical information offline and safe. Learn more about the importance of storing log-in data in cold storage and how our innovative solution can enhance your crypto security.

Protect Your Password Keeper's Master Password

Master Password Wallet

Take control of your digital security with Black Seed Ink's Master Password Wallet. Designed for anyone using password managers like Bitwarden, 1Password, and LastPass, our wallet allows you to safely store and protect your master passwords in cold storage, disconnected from the internet.

Many crypto investors understand the importance of keeping data secure, and our Master Password Wallet ensures that your most critical passwords are safe from online threats, fire, and water damage. Protect your cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and other sensitive information by keeping your master passwords offline. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is securely stored with Black Seed Ink.

Cold Storage For The "25th" Word


Take your crypto security to the next level with Black Seed Ink's Passphrase Wallet. Specifically designed for storing passphrases, often referred to as the 25th seed phrase, our steel wallet provides an additional layer of security for your 12 or 24-word seed phrases.

As the first and only cold storage company to offer a steel wallet for passphrases, we ensure your blockchain access data remains safe and disconnected from the internet. Shield your digital assets from online threats, fire, and water damage by keeping your passphrase in our durable steel wallet. Perfect for Bitcoin wallet and other crypto wallets, our solution offers unmatched security and peace of mind. Experience unparalleled protection and secure your blockchain access with Black Seed Ink.

FAQ for Black Seed Ink's Steel Wallets

Cold Wallet Etching Tip

To minimize errors, first write your data on the steel wallet with a pencil.

Next, trace over the penciled text with the etching tool included in every order.
What's in your stack?

Build Your Cold Wallet Stack

Customize your security with Black Seed Ink's "Build Your Cold Wallet Stack" option, allowing you to select up to six wallets from our seed, exchange, and master password options for comprehensive protection.