A close-up image of a steel plate with engraved alphanumeric characters. This steel plate serves as a backup for a cryptocurrency seed wallet, which is used to store digital assets securely. The engraved characters on the plate represent a unique set of words that act as a recovery phrase for the wallet. The steel plate provides a durable and tamper-proof backup solution for protecting the cryptocurrency funds.

Crypto Cold Wallets

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Seed Wallet & Etching Tool

Crypto Seed Wallet

Elevate your crypto security with Black Seed Ink's crypto seed wallet & etching tool. Safely store and etch your seed phrases for added protection. Protect your digital assets and take control of your financial future. Invest in the ultimate crypto seed wallet today!
Exchange Wallet & Etching Tool

Crypto Exchange Wallet

Black Seed Ink's crypto exchange wallet empowers you to securely trade and store your cryptocurrencies. Protect your digital assets from online threats and take control of your financial journey. Invest in the ultimate crypto storage solution and experience peace of mind. Get your Black Seed Ink Crypto Exchange Wallet today!

Master Password Wallet & Etching Tool

Master Password Wallet

Take control of your crypto assets with Black Seed Ink's master password wallet. Safely store and manage your digital wealth with a powerful password. Protect your cryptocurrencies and experience peace of mind.

Passphrase Wallet & Etching Tool


Unlock the power of a secure passphrase with Black Seed Ink's cutting-edge solution. Safeguard your crypto assets with a unique and robust passphrase, providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. Take control of your financial future and invest in the ultimate security for your crypto assets.

Why Black?

Using a black matte coating on stainless steel cold wallets offers several significant benefits for cryptocurrency security:

1. Enhanced Durability: The matte coating not only adds an appealing aesthetic but also enhances the wallet's durability, making it more resistant to wear and tear.

2. Improved Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel is already corrosion-resistant, and the matte coating provides an additional layer of protection against environmental factors.

3. Tungsten Carbide Tip: The inclusion of a tungsten carbide tip allows for etching or engraving of the wallet's QR code or public key, ensuring long-lasting visibility for future access while being highly resistant to damage.

4. Overall Security: These features, combined with the inherent security of cold storage, make the wallet an excellent choice for storing cryptocurrencies securely, providing peace of mind for long-term investors.

5. Aesthetic Appeal: The matte black finish also adds an element of style, making it an attractive choice for those who value both security and aesthetics in their cryptocurrency storage solutions.

Cold Wallet Etching Tip

To minimize errors, first write your data on the seed phrase steel plate with a pencil.
Second, trace over the penciled text with the etching tool included in every order.
Master Password Wallet & Etching Tool

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Customize Cold Storage Combos Up To Six Plates
Seed * Exchange * Master * Passphrase.