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Make cold storage your #1 priority.

In 2017, a user on the Ethereum blockchain lost access to over 300 ETH, currently worth over $1.1 million, after losing the seed phrase to their wallet.

In 2019, a user on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange lost over $400,000 worth of Bitcoin after losing their seed phrase.

In 2020, a New Zealand man lost over $30,000 worth of crypto after his seed phrase was stolen by hackers who gained access to his phone.

Seed Phrase Cold Wallets

Cold Storage Solutions for Your Seed Phrase: Safeguard Your Digital Wealth and Sleep Soundly at Night

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Seed Phrase Steel Plate Wallets

#1 Seed Phrase Backup Solution

DO NOT trust your seed phrase to a piece of paper, photocopy or a stored text file? If the blue screen of death doesn't bite you, then a hacker will eat your lunch. Don't wait until it's too late to safeguard your seed phrase password.
The Seed is The Beginning and The End

Losing your blockchain wallet's seed phrase is irreversible and can result in the permanent loss of your investments. The blockchain's decentralized and secure nature means that there's no central authority or password recovery mechanism. Without the seed phrase, you lose access to your private keys, making it impossible to retrieve or recover your digital assets, emphasizing the critical importance of securely storing this key information.

In 2021, a user on the Polygon blockchain lost over $600,000 worth of MATIC tokens after losing their seed phrase. The tokens were stored in a MetaMask wallet, which requires a seed phrase for access.

In 2020, a man named Michael Stay lost access to his Ethereum wallet after he accidentally deleted the email that contained his seed phrase. He had stored the seed phrase on his email, which he had assumed was backed up. As a result, he lost over $300,000 worth of Ethereum.

Durable Steel Seed Plates

Corrosion Resistant

Experience the ultimate durability for your crypto assets with Jameson Lopp's 16-hour acid stress test. Simulating decades of corrosion, ensure your investments stay safe and secure. Get the most robust protection available!

Reliable Steel Seed Plates

Heat Resistant

Protect your cryptocurrency from house fires! With temperatures up to 1300F, data loss risk is high. Choose our stainless steel seed plate (melting point 2550F to 2790*F) for ultimate security. Safeguard your seed phrase today!

Long-lasting Steel Seed Plates

Canadian Steel Screws

Steel crews with ingenious nylon washers act as a barrier against fusion welding of steel seed plates. Secure your valuable assets with unwavering durability and peace of mind.

Secure Your Seed Phrase

There is Beauty in Cold Storage

The Seed Phrase is essentially data that leads to your wealth stored on the blockchain. It deserves the highest backup protection, and it starts with you! Make smart choices and use the finest seed wallet protection available.

*Order two or more wallets to bind and cover etched data.

Etching Versus

Punching Seed, Stamp Seed & Chicklets

When it comes to backing up crypto seed phrases for cryptocurrency wallets, both etching and punch sets can be effective methods.

However, there are advantages when etching versus using a punch set, stamp seeds or chicklets.

What is it and how does it work?

Seed Phrase 101
  • The seed phrase is a fundamental element in the creation and security of cryptocurrency wallets. It is used to derive a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet, which generates a series of public and private key pairs. These keys are linked to cryptocurrency addresses on the blockchain.
  • When you initiate a cryptocurrency transaction from your wallet, your wallet software uses your private key (derived from the seed phrase) to sign the transaction. This cryptographic signature is essential for verifying that you are the rightful owner of the funds associated with that wallet address. The transaction, including the sender's address and the recipient's address, is then broadcast to the blockchain network for validation and inclusion in the blockchain ledger.
  • The seed phrase serves as the root from which your wallet generates private keys, and these private keys are used to sign and authorize cryptocurrency transactions. If you lose your seed phrase, you lose access to the private keys, making it impossible to sign transactions and access your funds on the blockchain. Therefore, securely storing your seed phrase is critical for maintaining control over your cryptocurrency holdings and conducting transactions on the blockchain securely.

Seed Phrase ~ Private Key ~ Public Key

In the process of generating cryptocurrency addresses and conducting transactions, there are two types of keys involved: the public key and the private key.

  1. Private Key: The private key is derived from your seed phrase and is a closely guarded secret. It is used to sign cryptocurrency transactions securely. Without the private key, you cannot access or spend the funds associated with a specific address.
  2. Public Key: The public key is indeed a part of the process, but it is often derived from the private key. The public key is associated with a cryptocurrency address. It's used to create a digital signature when you make a transaction. However, in many blockchain systems, the public key is not explicitly included in the transaction data to enhance privacy and security.

Detailed breakdown:

  • Your seed phrase generates a master private key.
  • From the master private key, a hierarchy of derived private keys is created for various cryptocurrency addresses.
  • Each derived private key corresponds to a derived public key and its associated cryptocurrency address.
  • When you initiate a transaction, your wallet software uses the private key (derived from the seed phrase) to sign the transaction.
  • The public key is used within this signing process but is not typically broadcast to the blockchain network as part of the transaction data.

So, while the public key is an essential component in the process, it is often managed internally by the wallet software and may not be explicitly included in the transaction data for privacy and security reasons.

Stack All Your Passwords

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Cold Storage Combos Up To Six Different Cold Wallet Steel Plates

Tracing isn't really art, but it's smart!

Etching Tip

To minimize errors, first write your data on the steel plate USING A PENCIL. Review to ensure no errors, then trace over the lead text with the tungsten scribe included in every order.