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Crypto Seed Backup


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Protect Your Fortune

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Do Not Overthink It!

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Where is Black Seed Ink?

Kenneetsy on 12/05/2021 Etsy Review

Quality is top notch. The box was icing on the cake. I didn't realize how much utility would be provided with the box. It's a well thought out product.

Magdalena 12/18/2021 Etsy Review

Great product that is beautifully crafted with quality. Also, seller is absolutely wonderful. I was late on my Christmas shopping and I asked the seller if I may receive the product before Christmas. The next day I got a tracking email that my order was shipped. I was amazed. Today I received my black seed storage cards, and they are the best ones I have seen thus far. The presentation it lovely. The metal seed storage cards have raised lines and come with washers, for space between the screws, to protect the etching. This is the only company I have found that provides both of these features and is reasonable in price. Thank you, I absolutely love this products. I will recommend this to everyone.

Vanessa on 12/09/2021 Etsy Review

The fastest shipping and delivery of any Etsy item, ever!! I can’t believe how quickly the seller processed my order and had it out. I will definitely be recommending this seller and buying more of these.

Thank you!!!

Clint on 06/08/2021 Etsy Review

Exactly what I was looking for. The included 'pen' etches without too much effort. Creates a nice & permanent record.

I'd post a pic, but...


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