A Grade

Black Seed Ink Plates Pass Jameson Lopp's Stress Test With Highest Mark

In the crypto community there is one professor of all recovery seed devices. Jameson Lopp is a well known, outspoken engineer at BitGo - an asset management company for digital currency. At the time of this writing, Lopp has tortured and graded outcomes of 50 recovery seed devices!  His method is brutal and punishing:

  1. Heat torching test (2000°F / 1093°C flame)
  2. Corrosion acid bath test (submerged 12 hours)
  3. Crushing test (20 ton hydraulic press)

Black Seed Ink plates performed outstanding with A Grade performance for every benchmark. (For international readers, an A Grade is the highest mark obtainable in the USA) Check out the review matrix and see how Black Seed Ink rates amongst all recovery seed devices in the market!


Loop's Torch Test