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The Passphrase

Brilliant Add-on To Seed Phrase Technology

Our Passphrase Cold Wallet is a stunning minimal design and purposely not sold in combination with any other crypto wallet. Consider the best practice of storing the passphrase in a location separate from the seed phrase cold wallet.

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Passphrase Crypto Wallet

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Cold Wallet Protection


The seed phrase is like a master key that can unlock your wallet and provide access to all of your cryptocurrency holdings. Adding a passphrase to your seed phrase creates an additional layer of security, but it also means that you now have two separate pieces of information that are required to access your wallet.

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Two-Factor Crypto Security

Separating your passphrase and seed phrase in crypto security, just got easier.

Passphrase vs. Seed Phrase

  • Passphrase, also known as a "25th word," is a smart addition to a seed phrase because it adds an extra layer of security to your cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Seed phrase is a series of words that serve as a backup for your private key, which is necessary to access and control your cryptocurrency holdings. If someone gains access to your seed phrase, they can easily take control of your wallet and steal your cryptocurrency.

A Second Layer of Protection

By adding a passphrase, you are essentially adding another layer of security that must be unlocked before anyone can access your wallet. Even if someone has your seed phrase, they will not be able to access your wallet without the correct passphrase. This is because a passphrase is used to create a "hidden" wallet within your main wallet, so you have two layers of protection instead of just one.

How It Works

A passphrase can be any string of characters, a word, or a sentence (hardware wallet technology specific) that you choose, but it is important to choose a strong, unique passphrase that is not easily guessable or discoverable. You should also make sure to remember your passphrase or store it in a secure location, as it cannot be recovered or reset if it is lost.

Etching Tip

To minimize errors, first write your data on the steel plate with a pencil. Second, trace over the penciled text with the tungsten scribe included in every order.