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In 2018, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange called QuadrigaCX lost access to its cold storage wallets after the founder, Gerald Cotten, died unexpectedly. He was the only one who had access to the exchange's master password, resulting in over $190 million in customer funds being lost.

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It is extremely important to protect the master password to a password manager because it is the key to all of the passwords and sensitive information that the password manager stores. If a hacker gains access to the master password, they will be able to access all of the passwords and other data stored in the password manager.

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If the master password is compromised, it can be difficult or impossible to regain control of the passwords and data stored in the password manager. This is because the password manager is designed to be highly secure, so if the master password is lost or stolen, the data cannot be recovered without it.

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Malware can infect a user's computer or smartphone and steal sensitive information such as login credentials, private keys, and other personal information. This information can then be used by the hacker to gain access to a Password Manager. Etch your Master Password into cold storage steel wallets.

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Crypto investors often have a crypto exchange account, a password manager, and a hardware wallet. Advanced investors have multiples of all threes. No matter, stack it up cold with Black Seed Ink's Crypto Exchange, Master Password, and Seed Wallets.

In 2019, a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange called GateHub was hacked, resulting in the theft of over $10 million worth of XRP. It was later discovered that the hackers gained access to the exchange's wallets through a flaw in GateHub's security system that allowed them to obtain the users' master passwords.

Password Managers 101

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The worst internet habit is using the same password for all your accounts. A password manager such as LastPass, Bitwarden, 1Password, Dashlane is a software application that securely stores and manages passwords for various online accounts. The software generates strong random passwords for all your logins, but all you have to do is remember your Master Password.

Password managers, are a smart choice for internet security for several reasons:

In 2013, a Bitcoin user named James Howells lost his master password, which resulted in him losing access to over 7,500 Bitcoins, currently worth over $350 million.

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No cover plates. Frontside is logo, backside is scribed data. To cover the data of any cold wallet, order two or more wallets.

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To minimize errors, first write your data on the steel plate with a pencil. Second, trace over the penciled text with the tungsten scribe included in every order.