The X Series - Crypto Storage Ecosystem for Ledger Nano Owners

The X Series - Crypto Storage Ecosystem for Ledger Nano Owners
Black Seed Ink has just released, The X Series to crowdfunding via Kickstarter.  After a year of producing one of the best seed storage backup solutions on the market, the company has stepped into prime time with the next stage of providing products to help the masses accept and adopt crypto into their investment portfolios.  
Introducing The X Series - the world's first crypto storage solution - comprised of three products (The AleX, The IndeX, The BoX) that work in unison to help Ledger Nano hardware wallet owners organize their crypto portfolio. 

  • The AleX is a titanium storage capsule designed to fit all Ledger Nano wallets like a glove. The TC4 titanium is waterproof, fireproof and corrosion resistant and allows one to carry their Ledger Nano device anywhere the market takes them. 
  • The IndeX is a notebook comprised of stone paper which is both tear resistant and water resistant. The 3.5" x 5.5" booklet is designed and color coded to allow for the record keeping of cryptocurrency and NFT transactions. 
  • Finally, The BoX is a fire resistant aluminum case outfitted to hold up to five of The AleX and The IndeX. It too comes with a color coding system to coordinate The IndeX transactions with the The AleX/Ledger Nano.  The custom crypto box allows for Black Seed Ink's steel seed plate storage and the tracking of the case's whereabouts via AirTags, Samsung Galaxy tags, etc. Most importantly, The BoX provides a means of storing and organizing ones crypto portfolio in a way that has never been possible until now. 
The Kickstarter will only run for 35 days.  Early Birds receive bonus seed plates. Late arrivals will have to wait until 2023 until the product becomes available via