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Crypto Seed Wallet

Cold Storage Crypto

Make cold storage your #1 priority.

In 2017, a user on the Ethereum blockchain lost access to over 300 ETH, currently worth over $1.1 million, after losing the seed phrase to their wallet.

In 2019, a user on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange lost over $400,000 worth of Bitcoin after losing their seed phrase.

In 2020, a New Zealand man lost over $30,000 worth of crypto after his seed phrase was stolen by hackers who gained access to his phone.

The Best Cold Storage Wallet


Well designed cold storage wallet allows for effortless etching and endless protection.

High-performance plates protect your crypto assets.

In 2020, a man named Michael Stay lost access to his Ethereum wallet after he accidentally deleted the email that contained his seed phrase. He had stored the seed phrase on his email, which he had assumed was backed up. As a result, he lost over $300,000 worth of Ethereum.

In 2021, a user on the Polygon blockchain lost over $600,000 worth of MATIC tokens after losing their seed phrase. The tokens were stored in a MetaMask wallet, which requires a seed phrase for access.

Multiple Hardware Wallets?

Smart! Combine Up To Six Black Seed Ink Cold Wallets.

Flexible Cold Storage


Use multiple hardware crypto wallets to reduce the risk of losing all your cryptocurrency due to a single point of failure. Having multiple wallets also adds an extra layer of security by diversifying your holdings across different devices.

Build Your Stack

Customize Cold Storage Combos Up To Six Plates Seed * Exchange * Master Passphrase

In 2018, a man named Mark Frauenfelder lost access to his Bitcoin wallet after he lost his seed phrase. He had stored the seed phrase on a piece of paper, which he had misplaced, resulting in the loss of over $30,000 worth of Bitcoin.


The Benefits of Scribing

When it comes to backing up seed phrases for cryptocurrency wallets, both etching and punch sets can be effective methods.

However, there are a few advantages of etching over using a punch set or chicklets:

As low as $27

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Seed phrase cold storage should be your first line of defense.

Effective Design

No cover plates. Frontside is logo, backside is scribed data. To cover the data of any cold wallet, order two or more wallets.

Etching Tip

To minimize errors, first write your data on the steel plate with a pencil. Second, trace over the penciled text with the tungsten scribe included in every order.