Titanium Wallet Storage

The AleX

Ready When You Are

In 2018, a Reddit user claimed to have lost over $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency after losing their hardware wallet.

In 2021, a software developer in the UK claimed to have lost $1 million in crypto after losing access to his hardware wallet.

In 2021, a man from San Francisco claimed to have lost $220,000 worth of cryptocurrency after misplacing his Ledger hardware wallet.

Smart Layer of Hardware Wallet Protection

Waterproof * Fireproof * Sweat Proof

Carry a $1,200 smartphone without a case? How about potentially millions in crypto?

Built To Last A Lifetime

Powerful protection housed in a minimalist design. Crypto investors around the world are protecting their hardware wallets with The AleX!

Hardware Wallet Storage

TC4 Titanium Work of Art

Patent pending design and currently the only titanium capsule on the market that fits the Ledger Nano series

Take Your Crypto Anywhere!

The ultimate solution to safeguard your hardware wallet and extend its lifespace

The beautiful capsule allows you to store or transport your crypto hardware wallet easily and securely, making it a convenient and practical accessory for daily use or travel.

Adapter Kit Included for Nano X, S, S+

No rattle or movement of hardware wallet


8.5 cm L * 2.4 cm W * 2.8 cm D


2.9 oz

Purchase The BoX and provide your hardware wallet with even more security

Why Titanium?

The military, aerospace and aviation industries have long benefited from the properties of TC4 also known as Ti-6Al-4V or Grade 5. It is used in the structural components of aircraft, helicopter rotor blades, rockets, spacecraft, etc. Titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter, and twice as strong as aluminum but only 60% heavier. 

TC4 exhibits a melting point of 1400 C° / 2552 F° 

Crypto Investors Are The Gatekeepers of Their Fortune

Banks have walk-in safes, you have The AleX

Asset protection

Travel storage

Home / Office storage




Peace of mind

Two Beautiful Finishes

Brushed (semi-polished) & Sandblast (anti-fingerprint)
A Whole Nother Level!

The X Series

Get up to 5 of The AleX and The IndeX included with The BoX.