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The BoX

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Included with purchase: The AleX, The IndeX & Seed Wallets

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Black Seed Ink has designed the world's first crypto storage case using Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) - a type of panel made up of two thin layers of aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core material which provides strength and insulation. It is the perfect case material for oranizing crypto due to its lightweight, durable and versatile design components.

Fits Tracking Devices

AirTag * Tile * Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag


Use secret comparments to hide assets:

Tracking Devices


Cold Wallets

Small Valuables

A thief breaks into your home safe and grabs the locked BoX. Do they take the time to crack the combination lock? Not likely. While the thief is oblivious to a tracking device hidden inside, The BoX owners have an increased chance of recovering their lost assets.

Storage Suggestion: If storing seed wallets in The BoX, one can add a second layer of security onto their hardware wallets with a passphrase stored in separate location. Both are necessary to access assets on the blockchain.

Weight 4lbs.


16 cm / 6.29" High

15.5 cm / 6.10" Wide

18.5 cm / 11.3" Long

Cyrpto Storage

The BoX

"It's not about me, it's about her."

5 Reasons to Use Multiple Hardware Wallets

Three Steps to Success


Step 1: Choose from seven colors to fit the slot above each titanium capsule in The BoX.
Step 2: Place the matching sticker on the hardware wallet.
Step 3: Record transactions in The IndeX crypto notebook's matching color-coded sections.
Keep The BoX in a safe at home, and by your side when traveling

TSA Lock

Traveling with The BoX is no problem. The TSA lock serves as a deterrent from roommates and family members who may stumble upon your crypto at home. The three-combo lock also allows Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers to inspect The BoX without damaging the case.
Price: $779

The BoX (Full)

The BoX
Five of The AleX Titanium Capsules
Five Titanium Keyrings
The IndeX
Five Cold Seed Wallets
Color-Coding System

The BoX (3/5th)

The BoX
Three of The AleX Titanium Capsules
Three Titanium Keyrings
The IndeX
Three Cold Seed Wallets
Color-Coding System

The Ultimate in Crypto Storage

A Treasure For Those Who Are All In

  • When desiging The BoX, we allowed the Mother of Invention (necessity) to speak through us. Black Seed Ink realized many crypto investors were aquiring multiple hardware wallets for not only safety reasons, but to physically diversify their crypto portfolios. Yet, there was nothing in the crypto world to assist with this new trend, until now...

  • What do the colors mean? You decide what the colors mean. When you purchase The BoX, a set of 7 colorful aluminum blocks are included along with a set of 14 matching stickers (2 of each color).  Select a color and attach the stickers to your hardware wallet to keep track of its contents using The IndeX. Ledger Live allows you to name your wallets and you can do so according to the color you have selected. Perhaps, the hardware wallet tagged with a blue sticker contains stable coins for your child's college fund and the red wallet is geared toward retirement.

  • What The BoX is not - a security safe. It is designed to be mobile, allowing crypto investors to store and organize cold wallets, yet move one's portfolio quickly and easily. When not in use we recommend storing The BoX inside a safe, or lockable immobile storage area.

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