July 18, 2022

Black Seed Ink Creates First Crypto Storage Solution for Ledger Nano Wallets


Black Seed Ink Creates First Crypto Storage Solution for Ledger Nano Wallets
Top producer of USB crypto hardware wallets launches The X Series Kickstarter campaign to potentially organize millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency

TEMECULA, Calif. – July 18, 2022 – Female-owned Black Seed Ink is thrilled to announce the launch of The X Series, the newest protective crypto ledger hardware wallet, and its funding campaign on Kickstarter. The crypto management and storage ecosystem protects and organizes Ledger Nano hardware wallets, recovery seed phrases and crypto investment portfolios.

The X Series was created to catalog cryptocurrency investments, as crypto owners have been at risk with existing, exposed Ledger wallets. It is the first solution ever produced for Ledger Nano owners to protect, organize and safely store their wallets and was created by female entrepreneurs, who have been highly underrepresented in the crypto space.
"I invented The X Series out of necessity: Very simply, there was nothing on the market that allowed me to bring an organization to my crypto investment portfolio, which, unlike my stock portfolio, has a tangible facet," says Robin Hillary, Black Seed Ink's Co-founder. Until now, over 6 million Ledger owners have had to resort to their own storage devices because nothing beyond Etsy’s 3D printed trinkets have addressed this security crisis. Black Seed Ink has the solution – your extra security layer that Ledger Nano hardware wallets are missing.”

Hillary added, “As a crypto investor, you enjoy exploring the unique edge that cryptocurrency and NFT holdings have to offer and rely on the digital world to provide you with these opportunities. However, you want to make sure you can rely on hardware wallets for your own private keys, protecting your crypto assets. The question is, if your hardware wallets are protecting your crypto holdings, what is protecting your hardware wallets?”

Black Seed Ink suggests that investors take the extra step to protect their Ledger Nano wallets by being strategic with crypto investments and thinking of new ways to physically diversify a portfolio by using multiple wallets. Consider storing Bitcoin in one wallet with Ethereum coins and tokens in a second wallet, and putting HODL coins in another wallet for children's inheritance. The arrangements possibilities are endless.

For more information about The X Series and to back the product, visit https://kickstarter.com/projects/blackseedink/the-x-series-crypto-management-and-storage-ecosystem
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